The Florida Bar’s charter of service to the lawyers and citizens of this state is enshrined in the first chapter of its governing document, set forth above. The Florida Bar has been faithful to these ideals, with the result being a well-deserved reputation for leadership among state bar organizations and at the highest levels of our nation’s judiciary.

How did we set this standard of excellence? Through one basic, indispensable resource: our members.

The services provided and successes achieved by The Florida Bar are due to the dedicated service of many people, from the elected representatives on the Board of Governors to voluntary bar associations and individual lawyers. Participation by nonlawyers is essential as well.

Individual members have ample opportunity to contribute each year to the work of the Bar and the good of the profession. The activities of the Bar are accomplished by its boards, standing and special committees, and sections. Sections have open, voluntary memberships. Committees are appointive. Of these two, committees present the widest range of opportunities for direct involvement with and influence on Bar management and programs.

Because of this intense membership interest, The Florida Bar always has an extraordinary array of activities underway. This page will help you gain an understanding of the many Bar services available to members and to the public.

All Bar members are invited to become involved in activities of one or more of The Florida Bar’s divisions, sections or committees. These groups, along with the governing board, do much of the work of The Florida Bar.

The Florida Bar has 21 sections, plus the Young Lawyers Division and the Out-of-State Division. Section membership is voluntary, and membership fees are modest.

Through section and committee membership, lawyers can focus their involvement in an area of the law that interests them. Membership offers concentrated information and education as well as a forum for lawyers who share interests in a specific legal field. Nearly 32,000 of The Florida Bar’s more than 106,000 members belong to one or more of the Bar’s sections, while more than 26,000 belong to the Young Lawyers Division.

All sections/divisions produce specialized CLE seminars or publications in cooperation with The Florida Bar’s Continuing Legal Education Committee. From these efforts come many of the high-quality continuing legal education programs and publications that are essential to the advancement of professional growth of the Bar’s members. Section/division members also enjoy reduced fees for their section’s own CLE programs.

In addition to the Board of Governors committees, there are 70 standing committees of the Bar on which more than 2,000 members serve. Special committees or commissions or task forces are appointed as necessary to study and make recommendations in response to issues of significance to the legal profession.


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